3M LeadCheck Swabs

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Test lead at home with 3M LeadCheck Swabs

Renovating is a good way to give a new life to old furniture or household. However one should be aware of possible health hazards that may be present.
Back in the day lead was used in construction elements, ceramics and as pigment in paint.
Renovation work in an older household may cause lead dust to become airborne.
While it is possible to reduce overall dust level by using appropriate measures, one should be still aware of lead presence.

It is crucial to avoid children from coming contact to lead. That is so because according to studies, children are more suspectible to damage that lead poisoning may cause.

Test lead at home with 3M LeadCheck Swabs

3M LeadCheck Swabs

Fortunately there are convenient options to detect lead presence.

3M offers LeadCheck Swabs that are available as a pack of 2 or 8. It makes it easy and fast to  test lead at home.

To test, activate swab according to instructions, carefully rub swab against test object for 30 seconds. If testing painted surfaces, make sure to test all layers.
If lead is present, swab turns red. Besides paint, lead check swabs can be used to check lead on kids toys, glassware and on many more solid surfaces.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be tested at home


  • Relatively high price per test


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