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TP-Solar 100w Foldable Solar Panel

Have You ever needed a backup power source for electronic devices? In case of power outage, camping, travelling with caravan or a crisis scenario, a solar panel may come handy.
Here are a few reasons why  TP-solar 100W portable panel may suit Your needs.

Since one will probably be using this unit occasionally, portability and storage area is one of the main concerns. Comparing to permanently mounted solar panels , foldable panels take up only a fraction of space.

TP-Solar 100W in a portable bag. Takes very little storage space

There are two USB 5V outputs and a 19V DC output.

TP-solar 100W comes with  a special adapter which makes it easy to connect it to 12V battery. It is a must to note that adapter is rated only at 2 amps. In order to utilize full power, a separate controller must be used.

Completely unfolded

This panel seems to be made of material that should withstand moisture. However manual recommends to keep it away from direct downpour and tells to dry the panel after a possible exposure to water.

Panel surface close-up

Panel close-up

This panel comes with many accessories:





Conclusion: TP-Solar 100w foldable solar panel is a good option who occasionally plan on using sustainable energy from solar power meanwhile sacrificing little storage area.


  • Takes little storage space
  • Many accessories
  • Inbuilt 12v charging adapter


  • 12V charger adapter output limited to 2amps.
  • Setting up requires care to avoid possible tears.


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