Festool C18 – great cordless drill

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Festool C18 is a great cordless drill for professional work. Its unique design allows better balance, which makes working more ergonomic. Available attachments make it especially useful for furniture makers.

Festool C18 with BP 18 Li 4.0 battery

Festool C18 with BP 18 Li 4.0 battery (battery type depends on set configuration).

Tech specs:

  • Battery voltage: 18V
  • Turning speed: 0 – 450/0 – 1500 RPM
  • Drilling diameter in wood/steel: 40mm/13mm
  • Maximum torque in  wood/steel: 27Nm/45Nm
  • Chuck: 1.5-13mm
  • Torque limiting 1 gear/2gear: 0.8 – 8/0.5 – 6 Nm
  • Weight with battery: 1,5/1,7 kg


Festool C18 features electronic torque control. Mechanical gearbox allows to choose speed sequence between 0 – 450/0 – 1500 RPM’s. There is also screwdriving mode and drilling mode.  When engaging screwdriving mode, torque can be limited by using a knob. All that is powered by brushless and maintenance-free EC-TEC motor.

Chuck and bit holder can be changed without tools, using only one hand. That is possible thanks to Festool CENTROTEC system.


Festool C18 adjustment knob

Festool C18 adjustment knob

Festool C18 top view

Festool C18 top view

Festool C18 batteries can be charged with a TCL 6 Li-ion 10.8-18v charger (not for CXS/TXS batteries).

TCL 6 charger

TCL 6 charger


  • Very convenient to use
  • Many accessories


  • Relatively high price
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